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COTS Implementation

Yaddala’s expert consultants offer end-to-end guidance for successful Commercial Over The Shelf Softwares implementation, from initial assessment to deployment, ensuring optimal system utilization and alignment with your business goals.

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Data Migration
  • Business Process Design
  • Solution Configuration
  • Deployment and Optimization
  • Post-implementation Support
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Data Insights and Reporting

Leverage Yaddala’s expertise in customizing and configuring COTS solutions to unlock valuable data insights, empowering data-driven decision making and giving your business a competitive edge.

  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Source to Target Mapping
  • BI, Stat and ISO Reporting
  • Cloud Data Migration
  • Snowflake and Enterprise Datawarehouse
  • Data Profiling and Reconciliation
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Integration Services

Yaddala’s comprehensive integration services seamlessly integrate COTS solutions with third-party services and your existing systems. With thorough testing and quality assurance, we ensure flawless functionality, empowering you to focus on your business goal.

  • API and Web Services
  • Third-party Application Integration
  • Data Mapping and Transformation
  • ETL and Data Migration
  • Integration Testing
  • Integration Maintenance
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Legacy Data Migration

Yaddala’s battalion of experts specialize in secure legacy data migration, enabling a seamless transition to your new Commercial Over The Shelf Software platform while preserving the integrity of your valuable data.